Ugglan special

The old Ugglan Special design is now replaced with an improved and versatile update. While the design is drastically changed, the mechanic of the traps stays the same and therefore the old catch properties of the Ugglan Special traps remain.

The rational for the redesign of the traps, besides adapting to a modern production process, is to improve the quality, the longevity and environment friendliness of the product.
The construction of the new design is more robust and will therefore better withstand environmental forces, leading to a longer lifespan of the product. Besides those technical improvements, the conditions for the trapped mammals will also improve and lead consequently to a lower mortality rate due to less exposure to extreme weather and climate influence. Moreover, the nesting material or bait cannot be pushed outside the trapping chamber anymore.

To minimize the risk that the deployed traps are getting disturbed or removed we offer the traps with powder coated camouflage color, so the Ugglan Special blend into the environment.

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